The Benefits of Going Solar In Nashville, TN

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As energy costs fluctuate and the importance of environmental awareness increases, adding solar panels to your home can be an effective investment for your energy future. There are plenty of reasons to consider adding solar panels to your home, as you can enjoy the benefits of this renewable energy source for decades. 

To understand the full scope of benefits associated with choosing to add solar energy, we’ve compiled a list below!

1. Potential Electric Bill Savings

As you produce your own electricity, you own your power and can rely less on the utility company and in turn potentially reduce your monthly electricity bill. These savings can accumulate over the course of your solar system’s lifetime, resulting in the potential for thousands of dollars in electric bill savings.

2. Less Reliance On The Grid

By utilizing solar energy to power your home, you can rely less on the grid, and that can provide some insulation from rising costs of grid energy. Instead of having to pay higher prices for all of the energy you used to buy from the grid to power your home, using solar energy to power some of your needs means the blow of any rate increase won’t sting as much. 

3. Protection From The Effects Of Power Outages

When the grid goes down, most people will be without power. But with a solar panel system supplemented by a Pink Energy battery backup, you can keep portions of your home running during an outage. This reliable source of power can provide you with peace of mind during inclement weather since you’ll know that your home will remain partially functional even if the power goes out.

4. Potentially Increase The Value Of Your Home

According to a study by Zillow, the market value of your home can potentially increase by 4.1%, which means that even after you reap the benefits of solar energy while living in your home, you could potentially see a further return on your investment when you place your home on the market.

5. Engage In Net Metering

Many utility companies will offer solar customers the option of selling their excess electricity back to the grid for credit on their future electric bills. These programs mean that even if you don’t use all of the electricity that your solar panels produce as they produce it, you still can benefit from the energy they create. So in times when your solar panels aren’t producing enough energy for your home, you can apply any credits you’ve built up to help offset the cost.

Reap The Benefits Of Solar Energy In Nashville, TN

Adding solar to your Nashville home can create major benefits for you and the environment! If you’re wondering how solar energy can work for you, contact the Pink Energy team today! We’d love to help you create an effective solar solution for your home.