Seasonal Solar Performance In Nashville, TN

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Nashville, TN is known for its mild weather, hot summer nights and low-key winters, but there are definitely four seasons there! So while it may be easy for Nashville residents to understand that solar panel performance fluctuates depending on seasonality, it might surprise you to hear that the long, hot summer months in the area are not the only reason why solar energy is such a valuable option for Nashville homeowners.

What Affects Seasonal Solar Panel Performance?

It’s a common misconception that peak solar efficiency occurs during the hottest days of the year. In fact, when it’s scorching outside, the photons and electrons in solar panels can’t interact quite as much, which limits the electrical current production. Solar panels are actually at their most efficient on sunny, cool days.

Another factor that goes into solar panel performance is daylight hours. The shorter days in winter mean fewer hours of peak sunlight that allow your solar panels to produce electricity. While production may be lower, it doesn’t mean that your solar panel system is useless in the winter! 

The beauty of solar energy is that in the summer when the days are longer and the temperatures are high, the longer days will allow for additional production. Meanwhile, in the winter when the days are shorter, the cooler temperatures will allow for additional higher efficiency. Performance balances out in the end.

What Is The Best Season For Solar Panel Performance?

The best times of year for solar performance is during the spring, summer and fall months, when there is the most amount of daylight available. After all, you need sunlight to produce electricity with your solar system! On milder days, your efficiency can be at its peak, but on hot days, your efficiency can drop. Every season has its pros and cons. 

How To Prepare For Seasonal Solar Performance

There’s nothing you really need to do to prepare for a lower level of solar panel performance because of seasonality. Your solar array will produce electricity all year long, and the highs and lows will average out over a full calendar year. But if you’re concerned about seasonal performance, you can look into ways to reduce your electricity consumption by installing energy-efficient products throughout your home.

Stay Solar-Powered All Year Long With Pink Energy

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