Does Your Tennessee Home Have Good Solar Potential

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Solar energy is one of the most reliable sources of clean energy available for homeowners. There are plenty of reasons why solar panel systems could enhance your home’s energy efficiency and potentially save you money on your electric bill over the course of months or years.

However, solar solutions are not one size fits all, and it’s important that they are tailored to your home’s unique energy needs before you schedule an installation date. Solar panels will work for pretty much anyone, but if you’re wondering about your home’s solar potential, you can find out more about what factors make your home a good candidate below.

1. Your Shade And Sunlight Levels

Ideally, you’ll want your solar array to gather the maximum amount of sunlight possible to get the most amount of production from them. If your roof experiences sunlight for most of the day with limited shade, you’re likely an excellent candidate for solar power! 

Even if you notice that your roof has some shaded areas, cutting down trees or trimming them back are options. We recommend cutting down trees, because branches can always grow back and create a problem down the road. 

2. Your Roof Condition

If your roof is not in a state that can support the added weight of solar panels, you may want to consider having a professional roofer come out to take a look and make repairs before you add solar panels. When properly installed, solar panels do not cause roof damage. However, if your roof isn’t in good shape, it can be difficult for professional teams to manage your solar installation without causing damage to your roof. 

In addition, your roof could compromise the racking process, making damage to your panels more likely in the face of inclement weather or high winds. So you’ll want to make sure that your roof is in good shape before you add solar panels!

3. Your Energy Usage

Solar panel systems could have a major effect on your monthly electric bills, but the more efficient your home is, the more savings you’ll potentially see. By examining your current electric usage and making adjustments to different areas where you could potentially reduce current electricity consumption, you can see the highest benefits from your solar panel system.

Check Your Solar Potential With Pink Energy

While you might have a good idea about how a solar panel system will bring value to your home, nothing can replace a solar expert’s evaluation of your home’s solar potential. If you’re ready to find out how solar panels could work for you, contact us here! We’re ready and eager to help you join the solar movement.